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New album available October 23rd

Trio Spectra album cover.jpeg

In 2022 I co-formed an ensemble with Slovak flutist Nina Sivošová and Croatian violist Ema Tufekčić. Uncommon
in the world of chamber music, the colorful combination of flute, viola, and guitar has a small but lovely repertoire. We selected our favorite works with an ear for creating a compelling concert program accessible to both music lovers and a general audience. From 2022-2023 we performed our program throughout Belgium, and over the summer we recorded the pieces in both audio and video formats.

These recordings were made possible in part with generous support from the LUCA Breakout Fund.

The Music

Our album begins in the shadowy world of Dutch composer Nico Richter's Trio for flute, viola, and guitar (1935). Richter was born into a Jewish family in Amsterdam in 1915. He began composing at the age of 12. Unlike many of his peers and teachers, Nico wasn't so interested in the music of French composers like Debussy, Ravel, and Fauré. Instead he drew inspiration from the Second Viennese School, especially the lyrical style of Alban Berg and the miniatures of Anton Webern. In 1942 Nico was arrested by occupying Nazi officers and sent to a series of concentration camps. He died in 1945 at the age of 29. Like all of his chamber music, this trio is dense, energetic, and overflowing with musical ideas. 

Learn more about Nico here.

The Sonata for flute, viola, and harp (1915) is among the last works by
Claude Debussy. It was written during the height of World War I while the
composer was suffering from terminal cancer. Debussy wrote to Igor Stravinsky that he was writing “pure music in the old form,”
and this can be heard not only in his evocation of the sonata form, but also
in his uncharacteristic use of familiar sounding tonal progressions. We present this masterpiece in an arrangement for guitar by Andrea
Förderreuther which was edited by Daniel Conant.

Czech guitarist-composer Štěpán Rak is most known for his unique
and virtuosic solo guitar music. Dances Con Brio (1994), a set of five dances, is a triumph of musical wit. Rak toys with each familiar dance form by introducing unexpected harmonies and rhythms in ways sure to keep our listeners smiling. Rak’s ecstatic approach to composition pushes our instruments to the limit.


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As a bonus YouTube release, we offer an additional piece originally written for flute, viola, and guitar. Máximo Diego Pujol is a guitarist-composer from Argentina. Each movement of his shimmering Buenos Aires Color Pastel (1987) paints a musical picture of a neighborhood in Argentina’s capital city, from Caballito to Mataderos to La Paternal. The music is light, joyous, and always dancing. Find our video performance below.


Peter Hertmans

  • audio recording, editing, and mixing for Richter and Debussy

Igor Sirotinsky

  • Videos for Debussy, Richter, and Rak. Audio recording, editing, and mixing for Rak

Iakovos Kolanian​

  • Mastering for all tracks. Remix of Pujol

Rudi Van Poele​

  • Audio/video recording of Pujol

Special Thanks

João Carlos Victor

Benny Wiame

Raphaella Smits

Josip Šuker

Andrea Förderreuther

Mieke and Noel

Christel and Patrick

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